Canada Annual Oil Order Program Sign-Up Form
The annual "Oil Truckload Program" is a program offered by John Deere Canada ULC ("John Deere") to Canadian dealers and distributors ("Dealers") who commit to purchase a minimum value of oil during the fiscal period beginning November through October (the "Fiscal Year"). All dealers electing to participate in these programs must sign-up two business days prior to making their first order.

It takes a minimum of two (2) business days to process a sign-up form following receipt by John Deere.

NOTE: The annual "Oil Truckload Program" is administered at the Contiguous Owner Group (COG) level. Discount levels will be applied to a Dealer's combined multi-store locations within a COG only if those locations have been included on the parent store's sign-up form. If a Dealer has multiple COGs or both an A&T and C&F account, a separate sign-up form must be submitted for each SBU COG.

NOTE: After initial sign-up one change will be allowed to the commitment level of a COG prior to 30 April, and limited to increase or decrease only one level, unless changing the commitment level is the result of a dealer merger or acquisition. It is the dealer's responsibility to submit a new sign-up form for any account number changes or newly acquired store. The new discount level is not retroactive.


Annual Agreement

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Parent dealer account number :
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Annual Commitment Level:
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Options Taken from PPR Program ST-AT includes terms
Option A $10,000,000 29%
Option B $4,500,000 26%
Option C $2,500,000 23%
Option D $1,700,000 20%
Option E $1,200,000 16%
Option F $675,000 12%
Option G $225,000 8%
Option H $60,000 4%

Name of person filling out form:


This sign-up commits me to order from John Deere the dollar amount of eligible products indicated in option A, option B, option C, option D, option E, option F, option G or option H above during the Fiscal Year.

I agree that if we do not make sufficient purchases to satisfy our commitment during the Fiscal Year, we will be charged back all excessive discounts taken by us on all orders placed on ST-AT and shipped during the Fiscal Year.

Additional Notes:
1. For further details, including an example illustrating how chargebacks will be determined, refer to the bulletin(s) issued from time to time by John Deere relating to the annual Oil Truckload Program for the Fiscal Year.
2. Oil is not price protected. Pricing is subject to change prior to each order period.
3. All annual oil programs are subject to change from time to time at John Deere's discretion.


If you would like a copy of the information that you are submitting please print it before clicking on the "Send Message" button.